Chicken Farm Micro-Business

Campaign Description

Campaign: Chicken Farm Micro-Business

Goal: $2,000

Raised: $1000

VANA has 2 Chicken Farm Micro-Business Programs.

  • The Broiler Program purchases day old chicks and raises them for 6 weeks and then sells the chickens for meat.
  • The Layers Program purchases day old chicks and raises them for their eggs.  Eggs are sold and some profits are used to run the centres and some is put back into the micro-business. As well eggs are used in the diet at the VANA centres.  When the layers are about 18 months old, they are sold for meat.

VANA is currently raising funds to expand the Chicken Farm Micro-Business at its 3 Projects in Zimbabwe.

Your donation will go towards chicks and feed, which will become a food source for the children, money for the program, skills and employment for the workers and money to purchase more chicks!

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